KTI Model Part Funded Collaborative Research Agreement

The agreement is for use for collaborative research between an research performi...

docx  88.8KB

Overview to the KTI Practical Guides to Model Agreements and what agre...

The KTI Model Agreements contained in each Practical Guide take account of the l...

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Model Joint Ownership and Management Agreement

This agreement is for use in situations where it has been agreed that IP, once c...

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Innovation/IP Disclosure Form Template front page preview

Innovation/IP Disclosure Form Template

A sample form to be completed and signed off by the researchers / inventors and the TTO at the time any new innovation is accepted into the TTO as a commercialisation prospect and before it is licensed to any third party...

Background IP Due Diligence Form Template front page preview

Background IP Due Diligence Form Template

A sample of the form that should be completed by all collaborating parties on a research programme before they introduce any pre-existing IP (Background IP) into the programme and before listing it as available or restri...