Design Thinking Ireland 2022

IRDG is delighted to present Design Thinking Ireland 2022!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a product developer, an innovator, a business leader or senior executive, whether you’re new to Design Thinking or deeply focussed on it, Design Thinking Ireland will help you approach your work in a whole new way.

Design Thinking is human centric social technology that encourages more productive organisational innovation, driving sustainable and significant business growth. Through radically collaborative operating frameworks, teams increase their capabilities and create better business outcomes.

Across a packed conference day on 21st June 2022, Design Thinking Ireland will look at the links between technology and humanity, and understand how design thinking can help us drive sustainability. The event will look at the future and evolution of Design Thinking and learn how Design Thinking can transform the Employee Experience and create employee-centric strategy, critical for all organisations looking to build better cultures, and to hire and retain talent.