2023 INORMS Congress

Date: 30 May 2023

The Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) will host the 2023 INORMS Congress. 

SARIMA is a membership organization for research and innovation professionals and managers. Its purpose is to strengthen research and innovation (R&I) in Southern Africa and ensure that there is social and economic development of the region.

SARIMA provides a platform for engagement between R&I managers coming from a variety of organisations that are involved in the R&I in the region. It operates at an institutional, national and international level, as well as across the value chain, from research through to successful innovation. SARIMAs key focus areas include research management, innovation and technology transfer and Africa engagement. SARIMA’s mandate stretches from management of research through the continuum to innovation, and its presence in the fast-developing African continent, makes it and its sister African organisations like EARIMA, WARIMA, etc. fairly unique. These unique characteristics, together with hosting the congress in Durban, South Africa will harness a diversity of participants and topics, for a truly global event, with local relevance.

We look forward to welcoming delegates to South Africa, to share your knowledge, experiences and research and to enjoy the opportunity to network in-person again, whilst enjoying the warm hospitality, diversity and beauty of South Africa.

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