BioPharmaChem Skillnet - TU Dublin

BioPharmaChem Skillnet is a leading representative body for the biopharma and chemical sector in Ireland. In 2020, BioPharmaChem issued a tender seeking to develop and deploy VR training across the industry. The Innovation Office at TU Dublin recognised this as an opportunity for the university and brought it to the attention of Dr Brian Vaughan, Founder of the Virtual Interactive Research Lab at TU Dublin who was ultimately appointed to work with BioPharmaChem on a consultancy basis. The Innovation Office then facilitated a contract with BioPharmaChem and provided project management support to all parties throughout the engagement.

The research team at TU Dublin drew on its significant experience in the design of VR training tools to develop a detailed, immersive and engaging training application for BioPharmaChem incorporating interactive 3D models and practical modules. BioPharmaChem successfully launched its VR training programme in 2021 with the technology having been trialed by 16 organisations. The company continues to work with TU Dublin to further develop its VR training.

“This programme demonstrates how bringing together industry and higher education can provide cutting-edge skills solutions and new business opportunities for companies. Virtual reality is showing remarkable results in terms of operational excellence and efficiencies with Skillnet Ireland, BioPharmaChem Ireland and TU Dublin at the forefront of skills development through VR. Digital learning models, including virtual reality are now a core element of skills development, with Ireland well-placed to seize the many opportunities they bring." - Paul Healy, Chief Executive, Skillnet Ireland

Published: 2022

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