Aquila Bioscience - University Galway

Aquila Bioscience spun out from NUIG in 2012 and specialises in an innovative Pathogen Capturing Technology (PCT) that safely removes harmful pathogens, including Covid-19, from skin and other surfaces. Following research on detection and decontamination funded by the EU, Aquila Bioscience licensed know-how from NUIG in 2020 that positioned the company to develop a range of products based on its technology. As a result, in 2020 Aquila also launched its first product – Anti Bioagent Wipes – which are in use across frontline services in Ireland including the Irish Defence Force, the HSE and An Post and serve as a safe and effective decontamination wipe for first responders, healthcare workers and postal workers to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Anti Bioagent wipes are registered with US FDA as a Class I medical device. The company has launched its second pilot product, ProShield Mask Spray and continues to work with NUIG.


“NUI Galway’s licence has enabled Aquila Bioscience to advance ground-breaking technology and the TTO at NUI Galway has provided excellent support through an expert approach to licensing, professional mentoring and by providing practical support and guidance which is essential for start-ups to succeed.” Founder Aquila Bioscience – Prof Lokesh Joshi

Published: 2021

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