Tiger Aspect Productions - Trinity College Dublin

Tiger Aspect Productions is a leading, independent television production company that required an historical consultant to advise on scripts for Domina, an historical TV drama series. The company engaged Dr Rebecca Usherwood, Assistant Professor in Late Antique and Early Byzantine Studies at Trinity College Dublin having previously worked with her during her time in the Classics Department at St Andrews in the UK. Rebecca sought the support of the Consultancy Office at Trinity College’s Innovation Office which helped in the negotiation and development of a contract with Tiger Aspect as well as providing support throughout the project around invoicing and the disbursement of fees.

Under the engagement, Rebecca applied her academic knowledge and problem-solving skills to work with Tiger Aspect to create a compelling story for the audience. Her expertise provided the company with a factual accuracy that is only made possible through specialist research and has allowed Tiger to deliver a more precise depiction of the period for this historical TV series. Such has been the success of this engagement that the consultancy project has been renewed three times with Tiger Aspect.

“We have been endlessly impressed with the enthusiasm, professionalism and creative collaboration we continue to enjoy with Rebecca Usherwood and her team at Trinity College Dublin. Rebecca is an invaluable part of the development and production process." - Muirinn Lane Kelly, Executive Producer, Tiger Aspect Productions

Published: 2022

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